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29.10.2013 / 18:42 / Blogg


justinbieber:This little angel

justinbieber:I gave my little friend Ricardo my sunglasses he was showing his friends what the sun looked like with them on ... Let's all help change the world

nickonken:Such an amazing weekend in Guatemala building schools with@scooterbraun@justinbieber& @itsadambraunfor @pencilofpromise#lifechangingweekend

crazykhalil:So grateful to have been apart of this amazing cause, definitely an eye opening experience. Thank you @justinbieber@scooterbraun& @itsadambraunfor giving me the chance to help make a difference. @pencilsofpromise

mikelernerphoto:Acoustic sets are cool.#vscocam

taylorcutfilms:Haha no idea what to caption this#snl#digitalshort

//Mia Davidsen

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