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Top Ten Best Concerts Of 2011

Halla Beliebers! (:

There is nothing we like more than a live show and 2011 was a massive year for international artists touring Australia!

But which one was the best? Which one was our favourite? Well the answer might shock you.

We've rounded up our top ten favourite concerts of 2011 by international superstars. We're not talking about local gigs here. We're talking about arena spectaculars, with costume changes, back up dancers, sets and girls getting serenaded.

In all cases these reviews refer to the Melbourne leg of each artist's tour.

Miley Cyrus Melbourne concert

10. Miley Cyrus

Teen queen Miley Cyrus finally toured Australia. And while there was an incident when a girl attacked Miley on stage, all in all it was pretty exciting to see Miley in the flesh. Her vocal abilities and dancing were pretty impressive, but the young audience were disappointed by the lack of Hannah Montana songs.

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Ke$ha Melbourne concert

9. Ke$ha

Ke$ha hit Australia with a bang at the start of the year, performing at Future Music and a string of solo shows. She caused a bit of controversy after parents who had never heard a Ke$ha song in their life decided to take their kids along to the concert and then threw a tanty over her raunchy lyrics. She was the highlight of Future, and her solo gig was a lot of fun. Ke$ha we are ready for your new material!

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Kylie Minogue Melbourne concert

8. Kylie Minogue

Australian queen of pop Kylie Minogue was back in 2011 for another huge tour. While her Showgirl tour of 2006 will always be our fave, 2011's Aphrodite tour was pretty incredible as well. There was a big selection of her new songs and enough oldies to keep her long-time fans happy.

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7. Eminem

Does it get bigger than Eminem, Lil Wayne and Hilltop Hoods? If you were a rap and hip hop fan in 2011, this was the concert to be at. Although there were some issues with sound due to the large venues, most concert goers rated it as one of the best gigs of the year. And we think the chance of Eminem touring here again is pretty unlikely.

Foo Fighters

6. The Foo Fighters

Crowd pleasers The Foo Fighters rocked the socks off their Aussie fans with their incredible tour. Dave Grohl works hard to keep his audience happy, and this was no different. A great mix of older hits and new songs kept everyone entertained.

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5. Rihanna

Is there an artist who has released more hit songs in 2011 than Rihanna? She showcased plenty of those tracks in her Aussie tour - despite leaving some of the vocals up to her backing artists! There was dancing, costumes, sexiness, RiRi, RiRi, RiRi. It was everything you could want from a fun arena concert.

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4. Usher

Usher danced up a storm during his Australian tour. Somehow he managed to sell out five Melbourne shows and four Sydney shows -- we seriously didn't realise he was that popular. He definitely worked hard for his audience, as he was dripping with sweat for most of the amazing show. And he has perfected the fan serenade.

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Katy Perry

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is our princess of pop (move over Gaga), and we loved her Aussie tour! She doesn't take herself too seriously, and she also doesn't wear leotards. There was candy, sparkles, fairy tales, and plenty of hit songs. And how did she do all those costume changes during Hot N Cold?

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Justin Bieber

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's Aussie tour was one of the highlights of the year for Beliebers like us. We have NEVER seen an audience so excited for a concert. Can we pick a highlight? No, no we can't. We still wish Justin had chosen us to be his One Less Lonely Girl. Bring Bieber Back.

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Bruno Mars

1. Bruno Mars

Yes, a surprise. Who would have thought thehothits.com would choose Bruno over Bieber? But we did, because Bruno's 2011 tour was absolutely incredible. The man is just ridiculously talented, and everything about this concert was fun and exciting. The crowd loved it, Bruno loved it, his band loved it. We are Bruno fans for life.


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