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29.11.2011 / 22:31 / Blogg

Justin Bieber's Christmas miracle for Starship Foundation

Heysann Beliebers! (:

Justin Bieber may not be a geography expert but he knows about New Zealand and has announced he will further his support of the Starship Foundation by donating $1 from every purchase of his Christmas album Under the Mistletoe to the charity.

Bieber came to New Zealand last year and though he had a run-in with some fans who stole his hat, he was determined to continue to support the country and earlier this year announced his support of Starship in a drive which saw the ?Baby? singer choose 20 charities to support from around the world.

?I am launching the Believe charity drive because I know firsthand that if you believe in your dreams, everything is possible," Bieber says.

Starship is welcoming the support from the pop sensation.

?The Starship Foundation is so grateful to have the support of superstar Justin Bieber and we encourage all of his New Zealand fans to get in behind the Believe charity drive and support Starship,? says CEO Brad Clark.


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