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29.11.2011 / 22:28 / Blogg

Justin Bieber's New Album 'Will See Him Grow Up'

Heysann Beliebers! (:

Justin Bieber's new album apparently sees the Baby singer make the transition from child to adult, according to producer Kuk Harrell.

Harrell, who has most recently worked with Rihanna on her No.1 album Talk That Talk, claims that JB's next release will see him 'graduate' as his voice deepens.

Speaking to our US Team, Harrell revealed: "The only conversation we've had about Justin's album that we're about to do is it's really important that it's the proper transition because we've seen him [with] 'Baby,' now we're watching him grow up,"

"And we can't just throw him into the adult game right away. It has to be the proper transition. There's a record in between. That's why I think this Christmas album was really important because it gave everybody the opportunity to hear him, see him and get used to his voice changing,"

He continued: "That was a huge thing going into this album. We were able to get a running start on where he's at vocally 'cause it's a natural thing. When his proper album comes out, everybody's going to really be looking at that."

When asked if he thinks Justin's voice will change further when it comes to his next LP, Harrell added: "I think he's pretty good right now. It's just a matter of him settling [into] where he is."

Last month, the Biebster claimed that his forthcoming album has been inspired by his namesake, Justin Timberlake, comparing his next release to JT's FutureSex/LoveSounds.

As well as looking ahead to his new record, Justin will also be performing on The X Factor this weekend.


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