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29.11.2011 / 13:55 / Blogg

Selena Gomez: 'Justin Bieber and I are closer than ever'

Heysann Beliebers! (:

Selena Gomez: 'Justin Bieber and I are closer than ever'

Selena Gomez talks exclusively to new! about how her teen pop-star boyfriend, Justin Bieber, is coping following that love-child allegation

Posted: Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

You could be forgiven for thinking Selena Gomez is the luckiest girl in the world.

Along with being a world-famous actress and singer at the tender age of 19, Selena Gomez has been dating teen pop sensation and heart-throb Justin Bieber for nearly a year.

But the past few weeks haven?t been easy for the Wizards Of Waverly Place star after her ?clean-cut? boyfriend was accused of fathering a fan?s four-month-old son, Tristyn.

Mariah Yeater, 20, claimed she had sex with Justin, 17, after one of his concerts at Los Angeles? Staples Center in October 2010, which resulted in her pregnancy.

Justin denied the allegations and agreed to a paternity test, which he reportedly took last week, to put an end to the claims.

To the relief of many fans, Mariah finally dropped her paternity lawsuit against the Never Say Never singer, but her lawyer has revealed she wants to pursue the matter out of court.

Here, Selena opens up to new! about how she has ?no time or energy? for people like Mariah, and why she wants to marry her pop-star boyfriend?

How did you and Justin cope with the baby rumours?
We just both ignored them. We knew that they were rubbish, and now the whole world knows that they were false.

Has Justin been stressed out?
Not at all. It wasn?t the first false story about one of us, and the sad thing is it won?t be the last. I had to get used to Twitter abuse when we first started dating, and now I don?t even pay any attention.

How is Justin handling the whole situation?
He?s been so busy, and we?ve been in Europe while it?s all been happening. There was nothing to really handle. We both knew the story was false and that was that. It didn?t stop us having fun ? we had a total blast over in Belfast.

Why did he agree to take a paternity test?
There are certain legal requirements the legal team ask you to do, which I don?t get involved in.

What do you think Mariah?s motives are?
Who knows? We give people like that no thought. They?re not worth our time or energy.

Have the allegations brought you closer together?
We have got to the point where we just ignore stuff now but, yeah, I guess it?s fair to say that every time somebody does a story or makes a claim that tries to pull us apart, it pushes us closer together.

How are things going with you two generally?
Things are going really great. I love being around him and get excited when I know I?m going to be seeing him. That?s got to be a good sign for any relationship.

Are you in love?
I wouldn?t have been with somebody this long if I wasn?t. He makes me laugh all the time ? you can never be grumpy around Justin for more than five seconds. I love that he always makes me feel so good.

When are you going to move in together?
I think it?s easy to forget how young we both are. It?s not something we are even thinking about at the moment.

When do you think you?ll get married?
I think between 23 and 26 is a really nice age.

Do you want kids with him?
Kids are normally a part of married life, and I would love them one day.

Justin is friends with the Beckhams and has been round to their house for lunch. Have you had an invite?
We haven?t, actually. The boys are such big fans of Justin that every time Justin sees David and Victoria, they say we must go round for lunch.

Have you met them?
Just kind of in passing at award ceremonies, never to really speak with.

What about baby Harper?
I?ve only seen photos, but she looks so cute. Both David and Victoria are great-looking people, so it?s no shock that they have such attractive kids. I really want to see Harper, I mean I have to, she was named after one of the characters in my show!

What do you think of them?
I think they?re pretty inspirational to be honest, but when you look at them outside their careers, they just seem like regular people who enjoy spending time with their kids. You always see them doing normal family stuff, like going to the beach or watching a basketball game.

Justin has admitted that he fancies Cheryl Cole ? are you jealous?
Of course not, is there a guy out there that doesn?t find Cheryl hot? You look at her and try and find a flaw, but you can?t see one. She is absolutely beautiful!

Tror du intervjuet er fake?


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haha, seff er det fakeee :/

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Tror det meste av det er fake, siden de har aldri vrt pne om at de datet.

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